I have been struggling with being hopeful these past months. I have been going through an emotional toil and hopelessness was the order of the day. Some days a spark of hope will ignite and some days it will just black out. I think this has been the longest period in which I suffered hopelessness. …

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The year 2020 will definitely go down in history books as they year in which the whole world came to a halt. I have never ever in a million years imagined that there will be a time when the whole world will come to a standstill with people confined to their homes. With the whole …

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Church Rise Up

Rising Tswana

Loago Kgosietsile, a returning writer is a graduate lives and works in Palapye, Botswana. She is an avid reader and occasionally write notes her blog Elgeesite and loves traveling.She believes in women empowerment and admires women who strive towards becoming the best versions of themselves.She is a member of the Pentecostal Holiness Church. Enjoy!

Weeks back as I was scrolling down my Instagram timeline I came across a powerful post about people being hurt by the church. I shared the post to some people because it resonated with me in so many ways and I was compelled to write this piece.

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