Its just hair

I have been keeping my hair natural since 2011 after I decided to chop it off. I chopped my relaxed hair off because I felt that it was damaged and no longer growing. When I started re-growing my hair I told myself that I would keep relaxers away for a while and voila almost 7 …

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Patricia has been a member of the Firm Faith Church since she was a toddler. She started with toddler Sunday school classes until she served in the church praise and worship team. She was a down to earth, humble and beautiful young lady who was always available to serve in the Lord’s house. A lot …


Church Rise Up

Rising Tswana

Loago Kgosietsile, a returning writer is a graduate lives and works in Palapye, Botswana. She is an avid reader and occasionally write notes her blog Elgeesite and loves traveling.She believes in women empowerment and admires women who strive towards becoming the best versions of themselves.She is a member of the Pentecostal Holiness Church. Enjoy!

Weeks back as I was scrolling down my Instagram timeline I came across a powerful post about people being hurt by the church. I shared the post to some people because it resonated with me in so many ways and I was compelled to write this piece.

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Mary of Bethany’s secret

Maggie Seepi

I have been reading a bit about Mary of Bethany and her sister Martha. My interest was more in Mary and how Jesus had said She has chosen the ‘ONE THING’ (Luke 10:38-42) I was wondering why He said that. In my understanding of the guest/host relationship, naturally, it’s the host who does all the necessary things to ensure that the guest feels at home.Martha did the cooking and the necessary preparations for Jesus’s visit to their home. Is that not what a ‘normal person would do when Jesus came to their house?’I mean its Jesus!!It would be awesome cooking a dish for him, right? But Jesus described her as someone who was concerned with many things. What?!Why!?

Nonetheless, He is Jesus!!I believe it will be really great if He ministered to those He visit not the other way round.We need Him.

My curiousity and wonder led me to John 11…

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Naturalista: Loago Kgosietsile (Botswana)

The Lyricwriter

Happy Monday everyone! New week, new goals, new challenges and most definitely new blessings!

We are baaaack again with another interview! It’s going to be smashing. Today we have LOAGO on the blog, and I must say… her hair will leave you with a jaw drop. She was kind enough to indulge me, and I find her to be sweet and willing to share and teach other naturals. Let’s jump right into it.


Pic credit: Loago. K

Question One: Why did you choose to become a Naturalista?

I did not want to relax my hair anymore.

Question Two: Did you big chop (BC) or transition?

Big Chop.

My hair was damaged by relaxers. So I decided to cut it and start afresh.

Question Four: What did you discover about going the natural route?

Well at first I thought it would be an easy route for me when it came to…

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